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    We design and develop websites and apps using the latest Jamstack technologies such as, Gatsby, React and Next.js. Jamstack is a modern approach to building fast, secure, and cost-effective websites and apps. It combines the performance and security benefits of a static website, with the power and flexibility of headless CMS and a first class microservices architecture.


    Jamstack is a broad term referring to an architecture that uses client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt markup to build websites and apps. Jamstack sites are generally fast, responsive and SEO friendly avoiding the burden of authoring HTML manually.


    Next.js is a React based framework that supports hybrid static and server rendering. It is well suited for Jamstack because it allows you to define how each page in your app is rendered. At IMWD, we work with Next.js to create efficient and highly optimized websites.

    Headless CMS

    A headless CMS acts as content repository. Content is accessible via an API for display on any site or device and they are a perfect fit for Jamstack websites. We work with most headless CMS platforms to build the best website for your company’s needs.


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    We're a Jamstack web development agency based in France. Our passion is to develop beautiful websites specially designed for your target audiences. Sounds good? Send us an email.

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